Bridge Bearing

Structural Bearings :
PTFE Sliding Bearings
PTFE Sliding cum Rocker Bearings
PTFE Sliding cum Spherical Bearings
PTFE POT Bearings
Neoprene/ PTFE Composite Bearings 
Metallic Guided Bearings
PIN Bearings
Duct Support Bearings
Multi Ball Bearings

Spring Support
Rocker Roller Bearing

Material Handling Equipment :
Rotary Airlock Valves
Knife Gate Valve
Diverter Valve
Double Flap Valves
Disc Spring Hanger Assemblies

Process Control Sensors / Switches
Coat-Resist Point Level Switchs
Zero Speed Switchs


PTFE POT Bearings

POT PTFE BEARING is a bearing which carries vertical load by compression on an elastomeric disc confined in a steel cylinder and which accommodates rotations by deformations of the disc. The elastomer under a triaxial pressure offers low resistance to deformation but high vertical stiffness. POT PTFE Bearings are capable of bearing vertical load, horizontal forces and allows movement as well as rotation alongany horizontal axis. These type of bearings are in huge demand for road, bridge, auditoriums, skywalks etc.

TYPE POT PTFE Free Bearing POT PTFE Guided Bearing POT Fixed Bearing
Load Bearing Yes Yes Yes
Movement In Both Direction Only In One Direction No
Rotation Yes Yes Yes
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