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  Compact Tuning Fork Point Level Switch For Solids

SOLITUNE is specially designed for detecting maximum and minimum level in vessels filled with free flowing fine-grained or powdery material. SOLITUNE can be used for detecting the level of service material having grain size less than 10mm. Variation of electrical parameters of the service material such as conductivity and dielectric constant do not affect its operation. It can be used successfully for level detection of powders and granules of plastic, silica, sand, cement, chalk, pulverized coal, PET, Food grains, minerals, animal feed, Sugar & wood chips etc.

Operating principle

The Tuning Fork is kept vibrating at its mechanical resonant frequency by Piezo elements. When the service material covers the tines it resists its movement and so the vibrations are damped. The stoppage of vibrations is sensed electrically and the signal is processed to signal an alarm and or control a relay. The relay contacts in turn can be used to control the feed motor or evacuation valve of the vessel.

Salient Features:

  • Compact size with integral electronics
  • No calibration required so plug and play
  • No moving parts so no wear and tear
  • Universal Power supply for AC / DC operation
  • Relay or open collector PNP outputs available
  • Short fork design (100mm) for minimum insertion in small vessels
  • Available in 1 inch and above screwed mounting standards
  • IP 68 ingress protection
  • Selectable fail safe mode
  • LED indicators for status, alarm and normal operation
  • Density setting and switching delay selectable


Technical specification

Housing Cast Aluminium IP68
Type Electronics integral with probe
Cable entry  ½” BSP / NPT
Cable gland Single compression PG13.5
Mounting arrangement 1” / 1 ¼ ”/ 1 ½” BSP / NPT Flanged as per requirement
Mounting / Pipe extension M.O.C.
MS / GI / SS304 / SS316 as per requirement
Tuning Fork SS316
Power supply 90 to 265 V AC 50 to 60 Hz and 12 to 55 V DC
Power consumption 3 VA Max.
Output SPDT / DPDT relay / open collector PNP / NPN
Relay output Potential free change over contacts rated at 6A 230 V AC 50 Hz
Open collector transistor PNP output as standard, NPN on request, current limited to 100ma
Resonant frequency of fork 350 Hz approx. for 100 mm fork
Switching delay Adjustable up to 25 sec. for fork covered or uncovered condition
Failsafe condition High / Low field selectable.
Sensitivity Field selectable for Low and High density material
Indication By LEDs, Yellow for status, Blue for Normal, and Red for Alarm


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