Bridge Bearing

Structural Bearings :
PTFE Sliding Bearings
PTFE Sliding cum Rocker Bearings
PTFE Sliding cum Spherical Bearings
PTFE POT Bearings
Neoprene/ PTFE Composite Bearings 
Metallic Guided Bearings
PIN Bearings
Duct Support Bearings
Multi Ball Bearings

Spring Support
Rocker Roller Bearing

Material Handling Equipment :
Rotary Airlock Valves
Knife Gate Valve
Diverter Valve
Double Flap Valves
Disc Spring Hanger Assemblies

Process Control Sensors / Switches
Coat-Resist Point Level Switchs
Zero Speed Switchs


Neoprene/ PTFE Composite Bearings

Elastomeric Bearings

Elastomeric bearings bears and transmit vertical load & allows movement in any direction in the horizontal plane and allows rotation about any axis in horizontal plane.
Elastomeric Bearings
Elastomeric Bearings
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