Bridge Bearing

Structural Bearings :
PTFE Sliding Bearings
PTFE Sliding cum Rocker Bearings
PTFE Sliding cum Spherical Bearings
PTFE POT Bearings
Neoprene/ PTFE Composite Bearings 
Metallic Guided Bearings
PIN Bearings
Duct Support Bearings
Multi Ball Bearings

Spring Support
Rocker Roller Bearing

Material Handling Equipment :
Rotary Airlock Valves
Knife Gate Valve
Diverter Valve
Double Flap Valves
Disc Spring Hanger Assemblies

Process Control Sensors / Switches
Coat-Resist Point Level Switchs
Zero Speed Switchs


Disc Spring Hanger Assemblies



Sneha make Disc Spring Hanger Assemblies are designed to hang the vessels which are subjected to vertical movement due to change in temperature etc. Variable spring hanger provide continuous support for the vessel in all positions permitting their vertical movement.

Pre Compression
The disc springs are pre-compressed into the hanger casting. This leads to following advantages,

  • Saves up to 50% in the head room by reducing the hanger length.
  • Reduces the installed height of overall hanger assembly.
  • Prevents the spring supporting force from exceeding the normal safe limits of variation.
  • Saves erection time because spring is pre-compressed to the working range.


  • Metallic cover is provided to protect from ingress of dirt, dust etc. into the assembly before installation.
  • For corrosive applications all parts except spring are electro - galvanized and / or coated with epoxy paint.
Graphite grease is applied on spring



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